Raw Soapstone

Rare soft black Manitoba soapstone for sale!!
1.5 MOHS!! $3 per lb.!!

I will be selling raw soapstone for carving.  I have smaller pieces 5-15 lbs. and can get larger pieces on order. 

This soapstone is a favorite to any one who has been lucky enough to carve it.  It is a little harder than Brazil soapstone but carves and sands very easy.  This stone polishes to a shiny black with green and brown undertones, Many pieces of this stone has metallic particles in it giving the polished stone a nice sparkle in the light.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to be able to buy this type of stone and I am the only source besides the quarry owner and he does not sell small amounts.  You can come pick up the stone locally here in Winnipeg or contact me for Shipping quotes. 

Here is a link to a video of me carving this type of soapstone: