Dave Zachary (The Man of Stone) born 1984 is an aboriginal artist from Manitoba, Canada who specializes in soapstone carving, painting and making stone pipes. Dave is a master artist with over 20 years of carving experience and has sold hundreds of carvings to private collections and galleries across Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and Austrailia.

He was taught to carve by his father Harlen Zachary as a young child and has carved with master aboriginal artist Steve Genaille. Dave likes to focus on Canadian wildlife as his main subject for his art. Dave has worked with several different mediums like alabaster, serpentine, wood, moose antler, ivory, bear teeth and paint.

-2011 Dave was awarded the Aboriginal Arts Creative Development grant from the Manitoba Arts Council
-2012 Dave showcased his art at “Metis Fest” in Killarney, Mb.
-2013 Dave received sponsorships from Flexcut Tools, Foredom, And Liogier Tools for his “How to” Youtube Videos.
-2013 Dave consigned works of art to be used on the set of an upcoming motion picture being shot in Churchill, Mb called “Midnight sun”.
-2014 Dave hosted a soapstone carving workshop at the Aboriginal day festival at the forks in Winnipeg for a local outreach center called “Artcity”.
-2014 Dave was chosen by Ice River Films to have his art featured on a episode of a six part local tv series called “Stories From Home – Handcrafted Manitoba” that will air in March.
-2015 Dave’s art will be exhibited on the local TV show called WinnipegArt.

Recent Work


front-flexcutfront-Liogier Couleurfront-foredom